Sico Sophisticate from Sico South Pacific is a beautiful combination of style, mobility, and durability in one table that is ideal for all of your upscale events.

Sico Sophisticate is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that can be used throughout your facility yet so elegant, it does not require linen or skirting.

The Sico Sophisticate allows an artfully presented service to be completely set up in the kitchen, then rolled into use by one person. The Sico Sophisticate tables roll easily and quietly over thresholds and down carpeted hallways on 10.2cm casters. Because there is no need to double-handle everything, labour costs and set up times can be significantly reduced.

The Sico Sophisticate comes in two distinctive models designed to fit the varying needs of your facility. The granite top model comes in 6 exquisite standard top choices. This durable .6cm granite composite top is made of 95% natural stone and 5% polymer formed over 2cm MDF.

The result is a NSF certified and completely sealed top surface that can hold hot items up to 500° without scalding. You can also cut directly on the table surface because of its superior scratch, stain, and impact resistance. Another version has a high-pressure laminate top with wood trim.

Sico Sophisticate table is available in a wide variety of standard colours with maple wood trim available in 3 stain options.

The durable surface is easy to clean and a top colour can be found to match any décor. Both styles are 82cm wide x 183cm long with standard heights of 91cm or 82cm. Frame choices are black or copper vein.

The Sico Sophisticate nests for efficient storage. Sico Sophisticate’s hydraulic assist makes folding and unfolding the table quick and easy. The Sico Sophisticate tables offer both form and function, working anywhere in your facility where style is key, but performance matters.

The Sico Sophisticate will remain professional-looking for years.