Sico South Pacific , manufacturers of portable stadium staging, offer a portable crowd control product as an additional crowd management system.

The SICO Crowd control barriers are sold as portable folding free standing units. They come in 122cm high x 122cm or 183cm wide mesh panel sections. Each barrier unit when sectioned together forms a continuous rear security step for use by security officers.

The barrier frames are made out of welded steel tubing for maximum strength and durability. Each barrier unit has a large, 9cm diameter metal tube across the top, for customer safety and comfort.

Each tube end is finished with a mechanically attached plastic cover, eliminating all sharp edges and potentially lost pieces.

Each barrier unit features an expanded metal screen that does not block or reflect the sound waves, and it is fine enough to not trap any fingers or loose clothing. The mesh is completely enclosed, eliminating any sharp edges.

Each security step measures 12" deep x 12" high x 4' or 6' wide. The step is permanently attached and pivots into position when set-up. Steps are grey vinyl covered and easy to see by security staff.

The security steps have a 1.6cm thick x 51cm wide, plywood substrate, each covered in a rugged floor grade vinyl covering.

Each barrier floor section measures 2.5cm thick x 122cm deep, and runs the complete length of the barrier unit. Each floor section has 30cm x 61cm steel framing, with a continuous 15cm wide metal safety ramp, along the front of each section.

The wearing surface is Tuff-Deck, a 13cm through-colour, black plastic surface. The 122cm wide units have a load rating of 68kg. The 183cm wide barrier unit has a load rating of 45kg.