Room Maker wall beds from Sico South Pacific feature the Sico Compression Power Pack System. This allows the bed to be genuinely adjustable even after years of use.

Room Maker wall beds have gained solid popularity around the world and can be found in many major hotel chains, investment properties and residential units and apartments.

The Sico Power Pack System makes it easy to lift any size wall bed up or down with just the touch of a button. Room Maker wall beds also have a conventional innerspring mattress and base.

Room Maker wall beds are a great way to add more usable living space to rooms. They make it viable to use the same room for sleeping at night, and functional use during the day.

Room Maker wall beds are available in three sizes, single, double or queen.

Bed packages include:

  • An innerspring mattress and box spring
  • A finished face panel and bed recess which has two vertical panels and a bridge-header
  • Hardware is included
  • Instructions for DIY assembly