Everything starts moving more efficiently when it is on wheels. People at Sico South Pacific believe that a table that is supposed to move around should have wheels.

As a result, Sico South Pacific’s tables go from stationary to mobile in an instant. They fold up and roll away, store on their wheels, and roll back into action the moment people need them.

This fold and roll mobility is vital, because it can help to increase the total usable space.

The fact that the Sico Pacer tables store on their own built-in wheels means their tops are not subjected to the punishment conventional folding leg tables receive when they are rolled on their edges.

Sico tables give more flexibility in scheduling functions because of the faster set-up and take down.

One person can roll two Pacer tables into place and, in seconds, have them open and positioned. They fold up and roll away just as easily.

With wheels, the customers can also have oval tables, which increase seating capacity without the need for additional labour normally required to set up conventional folding leg tables. Cost-conscious customers have achieved up to 60% labour savings by switching to mobile folding Pacer tables.

Sico Pacer tables are built to last. Beautiful nickel chrome plated legs are easy to clean and highly durable. Pacer tabletops are attached to the frames with expansion rivets and not screws, which may work loose with hard use over time.

This good-looking yet durable appearance gives the added advantage of being able to offer tabletop service, place-mat service, or full linen service – appealing to banquet prospects.

Sico Pacer tables also give more flexibility in scheduling functions, because of the faster set-up and take-down times.

Sico Pacer tables are not just for hotels and banquet halls. Their multi-purpose design allows them to be used in a variety of settings: churches, schools, golf courses, country clubs – even hospitals and fire stations. Whatever the surroundings, Sico Pacer tables are a great addition to any facility.