Hospitality furniture designer and manufacturer Sico South Pacific has released its newest innovation in mobile food service tables, designed by and for Executive Chefs.

“The DECO Buffet Station Series” offers a flexible solution for chefs who wish to use buffet stations in multiple configurations, or individually, throughout a venue. Each unit comes with 6 heavy-duty caster wheels and a standard 240v power lead, making these mobile food service tables ready to move in an out of action with ease.

Designed with an array of stylish finishes, including a quartz composite superior scratch and stain resistance top, this range of buffet stations come in choice of either laminate side panels or acrylic panels which include energy saving LED lighting. Lighting can be changed between seven different colours to allow multiple display options that best match the event.

“DECO” heating and cooking models utilise the latest induction cooking technology, which offers more energy efficient, cleaner, and cost effective running than gas or electric units.

Induction cookers are faster and more energy-efficient than traditional electric cooktops; moreover, they allow instantaneous control of cooking energy. There are no flames or red-hot electric heating elements, making this kind of cooking system safer for staff and most importantly, guests.

SICO offers a large selection of mobile food service equipment within the “DECO” range including:

  • cooking stations
  • warming stations
  • carving stations
  • hotplate warming stations
  • food and beverage display stations; and
  • bar stations and side stations.