Southern Imperial  offer the Slatwall and Wall Strip shopfitting systems which can be used to create effective wall displays. Customers can choose Slatwall or Wall Strip shopfitting systems to display their merchandise.

Wall Strip is an easy to install, unobtrusive wall display system that hangs and shelves merchandise without interfering with colour theme or wall signage.

There are many Wall Strip accessories available to suit store requirements. Depending on the branding, Chrome and White Wall Strip is available and for special runs these can also be powder coated.

The user can easily create an effective wall display by using Wall Strip. Whether they want to shelve products or hang garments, there is a wide variety of Wall Strip accessories to choose from. The new HangShelf is ideal for hanging and shelving items all at once. It is designed to save money and improve space usage by allowing garments to be hung from the front of the HangShelf and cross merchandising products to be displayed on the shelf above.

The Z Bar Hangrail is another Wall Strip accessory that is ideal for improving the visual merchandising of garments in the outlet. Available in 900 and 1200mm lengths, this Wall Strip accessory enables users to display the same items front on and side on at the same time.

The crossbar for wall strip is an essential shopfitting item for displaying merchandise in stores. The crossbar allows adding various arms to hang the garments. Wall Strip arms are available in many styles to suit the customers’ display needs.

The straight arm is simple and useful for displaying many of the same items while the waterfall arm is suitable for creating a cascading display. Display hooks can also be used on the crossbar. Lengths in 100, 150 and 200mm are available to hang smaller items such as jewellery and complimentary products.

Wall Strip is also ideal for creating layered wall displays. One can add a crossbar near the top of the wall strip with waterfall or straight arms attached to highlight the garments, then surrounding these add glass or melamine shelves with a mannequin promoting that range of clothing.

There are many ways to mix and match the displays with Wall Strip. By utilising various accessories, one can maximise the effectiveness of wall space and create an attractive display for customers.