SI Retail offers a range of ticket frame sign holders designed to display clear pricing and product information in retail environments.  

Ticket frames are simple and economical yet versatile floor signage solutions that can present pricing and product information clearly to customers, encouraging purchase decisions.  

Telescopic and fixed ticket frames
SI Retail offers telescopic and fixed ticket frames in red, black and blue. Featuring sturdy bases, these economical ticket frames are available in A4 and A3 sizes.  

While fixed ticket frames are 150mm or 300mm in height, telescopic ticket frames come with an adjustable stem that can raise the sign to a height up to 600mm.  

Magnetic ticket frames
SI Retail also offers their new range of magnetic ticket frames that incorporate a magnetic clip for attaching to any metal surface.  

Available only in black in A4 and A3 sizes, these signage systems can be manipulated to show the ticket at various angles. Magnetic ticket frames are ideal for garment racks or metal gondolas.  

Hanging ticket frames
Product information can be hung from cords and wire baskets using hanging ticket frames.  

Featuring two clear hanging clips that can be easily attached to or removed from the ticket frame, these signage solutions are available in A4 and A3 sizes. Hanging ticket frames are ideal for fresh produce displays or livewire freestanding shelf displays.  

Counter ticket frames
Counter ticket frames are effective signage solutions for displaying information on counters, tables or gondolas.  

Available in red, black or blue, the ticket frames incorporate two clear clip-feet that are easily attached to and removed from the A4 or A3 sized systems.  

SI Retail offers their ticket frame sign holders in a range of stock standard colours and can also custom-create ticket frame signs to match specific visual identity requirements. Pre-printed tickets can also be supplied if required.