Slotwall Acrylics have a clean and professional appearance and are suitable for improving store displays. Using slatwall in store enables business owners to hang, shelve and display products as well as promote them with slatwall acrylic signage.

Customers who plan to revamp their shoe displays can utilise Slotwall Acrylic shoe shelves. These shoe shelves, available from Southern Imperial , effectively promote the products because the acrylic is unobtrusive.

Four main styles of slatwall acrylic shoe shelves are available. They allow shoes to be displayed from many angles on the slatwall. One particular style of acrylic shoe shelf also has a section where pricing can be inserted. Choosing a particular style of slatwall shoe shelf can save wall space while also creating a visually appealing footwear display.

Another effective slatwall fitting is the acrylic sign holder. Slotwall acrylic sign holders come in A6, A5 and A4 sizes and can be placed anywhere on the slatwall where additional product information or pricing is needed.

Acrylic shelving options are also available for slatwall from Southern Imperial. Acrylic shelving is a modest way of promoting books, magazines, clothing and accessories on slatwall.

Customers can choose from flat acrylic shelves or angled slotwall shelves. Using acrylic as a main part of an in-store display can effectively improve store design and product promoting abilities. The transparency of acrylic compared with other materials can visually create more impact with the items that are being sold.