SI Retail  offers a comprehensive range of stylish wall stripping systems designed to enhance clothing displays in retail stores.  

Ideal for fashion retailers looking to improve their clothing displays without too much hassle, SI Retail’s wall stripping systems can be conveniently screwed into existing walls, allowing accessories and merchandise to be shelved and hung from the display.  

The unobtrusive wall stripping can be used with most pre-existing store design fittings.  

HangShelf shelving systems  

A unique and versatile two-in-one shelving and hanging system, the HangShelf allows the retailer to conveniently group complementary products such as dresses and shoes or blouses and handbags to enable attractive displays.  


Hangrails are available in a wide range to suit specific merchandise and include basic wall strip hangrails as well as Z-bar hangrails designed to provide front and side viewing at the same time.  

The Z-bar is particularly ideal for displaying clothing in a range of colours as the hangrail can provide a front view of the garment while showing the colour variations on the side.  

Wall strip arms

Wall strip arms can be added to create dynamic in-store displays and include straight arms (available in round or square tube) that display garments front on as well as waterfall arms that add depth by providing a cascading garment effect.