Retail displays play a vital part in a consumer’s choice to purchase.

A poor retail store display can confuse customers easily and this increases the risk that they may not purchase.

This is where effective retail display stands are helpful in organising a store setting by making the purchasing process more appealing to customers.

Products should be promoted by a variety of retail display stands to enhance their exposure and visual appeal to customers.

Storage is also a key area for retailers to consider. Ineffective product storage can make a retail setting look messy and impact on sales.

Southern Imperial  can provide a wide range of retail display stands designed to improve merchandising displays.

Some include:

  • Counter stands for small items such as jewellery and batteries
  • Floor stands offer your own merchandising space to display your brand’s range of products
  • Clear product risers for highlighting giftware and shoes
  • Handbag stands and garment racks for the fashion industry
  • Acrylic displays for a more open and inviting look to your display
  • Dump bins which are great for sales and moving out of season or sale stock
  • Glass cubing systems present a professional and clean look to material displays and gift merchandise
  • Catalogue, brochure and sign holder display stands,
  • Custom designed stands including corrugated display stands

These are just some of the retail systems that can make a store’s setting much more organised and effective and encourage consumers to purchase.