Available from SI Retail in two styles and numerous sizes, teardrop or feather FlyBanners are ideal for catching the attention of passing traffic. With Open and Sale text, these FlyBanners create simple yet impacting messages when placed at the front of an outlet.

Feather and teardrop FlyBanners are an ideal outdoor signage choice due to their size and ability to utilise unused space. Placing flying banners at the entrance of a store and then repeating multiple banners along the roadside will create a dynamic roadside promotion.

Open and Sale feather and teardrop banners from SI Retail are supplied with all mounting components including; surface base, spike base for soft ground use, pole and carry bag with single sided printed banner. The banners are digitally printed, allowing the message to be seen on both sides of the banner.

FlyBanners are also a fantastic signage tool for car yards, sporting events, tradeshows, grand openings and sales. Outdoor banners work well in the breeze creating a moving promotion, which increases the chance of captivating an audience. FlyBanners can be customised to suit specific message and branding.

Feather and teardrop FlyBanners are available with single or double sided printing. Feather banners are available in 3, 4, and 5m sizes while the teardrop banners are available in 2.5, 3.4 and 4m sizes. FlyBanner bases have a stylish chrome finish accompanied by black stem.