End-Sign point of sale flags available from SI Retail are effective signage solutions for retailers and brands.  

Fixed to storefront windows, End-Sign flags encourage impulse purchases with enticing graphics and direct customer messages.  

Service stations for instance, can put up multiple branded End-Sign flags on rotation for various deals, ensuring that the promotional offer retains its freshness.  

End-Sign point of sale flags at store entry points featuring clear, concise and impacting messages will increase the chance of impulse buying by customers filling up at the bowser.  

End-Sign point of sale flags can be custom-designed to display promotional offers. The flags are also available in stock designs including Sale, Open 7 Days and Now Open.      

End-Sign point of sale flags offer great flexibility in displaying promotional offers and messages. The angle of the flag can be changed to suit specific needs. Brand exposure can also be increased as the flags sit perpendicular from the front of the outlet.  

Retailers located in large shopping centres can attract the attention of prospective customers by having an End-Sign fixed to their store windows.  

End-Sign point of sale flags are also useful when customers are specifically looking for a particular outlet as the flag makes the store or brand stand out in the crowd.