With the right shopfitting tools, displaying products in store is simple. For displays such as point of purchase merchandise and wall displays, display hooks from SI Retail are ideal.  

Display hooks can be arranged at an equal level, in rows, to create an eye-catching, well-organised display.  

Flip scan labels can also be used on display hooks to display pricing and improve the overall look of the product arrangement. The labels should be all the same length and colour on each display hook used.  Flip scan display hooks are available for pegboard, volcano board, metal board, grid wire and slotwall applications.  

Display Hooks come in a range of sizes and styles to suit different requirements.  For fashion retailers, the range of slotwall arms and wall strip hooks are ideal for hanging handbags, jewellery and clothing. 

For hardware stores, there are a range of hooks to hang shovels, hammers, drills and heavy duty items on pegboard, metalboard and volcano board systems. Sport stores can also benefit from the double ball display hook to suit pegboard, volcano board, metal board and slotwall systems along with general slotwall and wall strip accessories.   

Display hooks can also be used to display valuable products with the assistance of the Stop Lock. The Stop Lock has been especially designed to fit on standard display hooks and prevent product theft, as they require a key to be removed from the hook.