Standoffs in colours to suit company branding or store themes are now available from Southern Imperial .  

Wall mounted signs are now available with blue, red or green wall mounts to suit acrylics.  These wall systems are good for modernising store signage and can be fixed to almost any wall. They are ideal retail signage options for retail outlets, restaurants and offices.    

Available in A1, A2, A3 and A4 sizes, wall mounts are suitable for menus, promotions and general use.  The acrylic sets provided are also larger than standard printing sizes, creating a more flexible and visually appealing signage display.  Aluminium wall mounts are a lightweight option. For heavy duty signs, try Brass standoffs in a soft chrome finish.  

Wall mounted displays are easy to fix to a surface and hold an artwork in place between the two acrylic sheets.  Simply screw the four standoff backs to the wall, line up the first piece of acrylic, insert the artwork between the acrylic pieces and slide the front of the Wall Mount through the two sheets and tighten in place.