Shutters R Us  have introduced an innovation once again. The frontage to their huge manufacturing plant in O'Riordan St Mascot has been transformed into a drive in DFO storefront complete with walk through display booths and hospitality facilities.

Visitors can view various methods of construction, use of materials and fixtures used in the installation examples. The layout concept encourages potential clients, visiting architects and specifyers direct access to the R&D technicians and manufacturing management.

The Shutters R Us technical staffs are trained across a related spectrum from electronics, woodworking to engineering. Projects can evolve ‘hands on’ as well as access is available to all the standard components, extrusions and profiles manufactured by Shutters R Us across the spectrum of shutters, screens and baustrades. The buy direct marketing position of Shutters R Us allows clients to test out their design brief and the integrity of the products.