Shutterkits  are manufacturer of premium quality shutter in New Zealand and Australia. Shutterkits offer Western Red Cedar shutters which are custom made in kit form with all parts and instructions, helps to assemble quick, Shutterkits use top quality durable shutters and it is fully machined and sanded.

Wood shutters are preferred commonly for their traditional style, durability and maintenance. First Shutters were said to be used in ancient Greece to have adequate ventilation, light control and protection in their tropical area. Previously marbles were used for constructing shutter's fixed louvre. Later wood is replaced and gradually movable louvre shutters in wide range and design came up.

Shuttters are mainly used to get light and ventilation, and also to reduced the heat from the sun into the room, also maintains the privacy. Louvre facing downward direct are helpful to shed rainwater.

Solid shutters prevents the entry of insects. Houses had rectangular windows and solid shutters with iron bar for security in medieval Europe. Then glass windows were in use during Elizabethan times but it was very costly. Woods were started to use in England during 18th century. Wooded shutters came into existence in Victorian period.