Available now from Shutterflex , Louvreguards are versatile horizontal and vertical sun shades suitable for a range of commercial and residential applications.

Elegant, lightweight and durable, Louvreguard horizontal and vertical sun shades offer cost-effective privacy and security as window covers, gates, air conditioning screens, and privacy screens.

Able to be configured as fixed panels, or in other ways such as hinged, sliding, stacking, bi-folding and push out, Louvreguard horizontal and vertical sun shades are available in framed or frameless styles to suit any building design.

Manufactured in Australia, Louvreguard sun shades feature Shutterflex extruded aluminium blades that can be spaced according to individual needs.

There are two 45mm blade profiles Louvregurad customers can choose from, the single skin blade with built in stiffening webs to minimise deflection and noise, and the elliptical blade that, thanks to its shape, is very strong.

Louvreguard horizontal and vertical sun shades also come in a standard blade pitch that gives zero overlap between the blades, however other blade pitches are available should it be required or desired.

Louvreguard sun shades can be mounted on top of or recessed into tiles, hobs and walls, as well as mounted on brackets on the front of a hob.

The Shutterflex team are happy to discuss project requirements at the design stage and advise on how Louvreguard horizontal and vertical sun shades can meet the needs and budget of a the project.