There are currently two styles of folding shutters currently available from Shutterflex ; Louvre Guard and Federation shutters. Both models of folding shutter provide adjustable light, ventilation and privacy. They also offer security and protect windows, doors and outdoor areas from the weather.

Federation folding shutters have been on the market since 1994. They are manufactured from aluminium and finished in a quality powder coat in the client's choice of colours.

With this style of folding shutter, clients can choose from fixed or adjustable frames as well as fixed or adjustable blades. The blades are available in a selection of different shapes and sizes. They have been tested and proven to have a breaking point of up to 135 kg. A weather seal or a dust and draft seal can also be applied on request from the customer.

These folding shutters can reflect up to 70 per cent of solar heat, eliminate glare and offer total privacy when in the closed position.