The outdoor deck is a popular area for hosting parties for friends and family at home. This outdoor space is the perfect place to add a fresh spark to the party and take it to the next level of enjoyment. However, lack of privacy can put a damper on party activities – and so will lack of protection from the weather (and burglars).

Deck shutters are an effective way to solve privacy, security and weather issues on your deck or patio, allowing you to host the best outdoor parties your guests have ever attended.

3 reasons why deck shutters are perfect for get-togethers on your deck

1. Shutters keep your parties private

When you are having friends or family over for a party on your deck under the stars, nosy neighbours can make your guests uncomfortable. While deck covering options are many, you need something that will ensure privacy for you and your guests. For instance, patio umbrellas may stop people from peering down from higher floors but can’t keep away prying eyes at ground level. Living wall planters are commonly recommended; however, being permanent installations, they can’t be moved easily when you want to open your deck to your surroundings again.

Deck shutters, on the other hand, provide a complete solution – one that ensures privacy when you are hosting a party, and opens up when you want to let nature and fresh breeze into your space. When the shutters are closed, you can still allow light in by angling the adjustable louvres without letting the neighbours peer inside.

2. Shutters protect your party equipment

An open deck is a temporary space for you to host parties. There’s no doubt it can get very annoying when you have to bring your party essentials out every time you have guests over, and then put them back once the party has ended. Whether you make use of heavy speakers and sound systems, an outdoor bar, or anything in between, it would be far more convenient to leave everything out on the deck for future parties. An open deck with equipment is also an open invitation for theft as any criminal can easily climb onto your deck and make away with your belongings.

Deck shutters can offer protection to your deck when you leave your party equipment out. Similar to how retail shops use roller shutters to cover their windows at night to prevent thieves from breaking in, you can use deck shutters to get the same protection. When closed, they create a barrier between your equipment and the outside world.

Anyone trying to enter through these sturdy shutters will trigger the security alarm on your property, preventing theft. Even otherwise, the deck shutters will provide the perfect enclosure for your deck, preventing passing criminals from seeing the equipment on the deck.

3. Shutters make parties an all-weather affair

Outdoor parties run the risk of bad weather affecting all fun and games. Rain and wind can quickly put a damper on your deck party atmosphere and force you inside. Even if you have good weather on the day of the party, you have the bright sun to cope with – having a party in the hot sun can make your guests uncomfortable, making them head indoors for some much-needed air conditioning.

With shutters for your deck, you no longer need to worry about weather ruining your get-together. With the shutters down, your deck or patio is completely protected from strong winds, heavy rains, harsh sun and anything else that's going on outdoors.  

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