The Shotton Group have been around for 35 years and the company prides itself on being the only local manufacturer of residential, commercial and disabled access lifts in Melbourne.

A division of The Shotton Group, Shotton Lifts Australia recently showcased its cost effective lifts range at DesignBUILD in Melbourne.

“Being locally manufactured, we can tailor for people’s individual needs rather than (providing) what’s on the shelf,” explained Sales Manager, Lee Moseley.

“What we do is a little bit different. A lot of homes these days have tall doors, so we asked what type or height of door they are using. We can actually manufacture a lift with exactly the same type of door so it actually fits in with the decor of the home.”

The company’s approach to each project is based on a case-by-case basis, allowing them to create customised lifts solutions to match exact requirements, whether it be a lift for disabled access or multi-storey building.

Shotton Lifts also pride themselves on selling directly to its customers and ‘cutting out the middle man’. Shotton Lifts offer a 3D rendering service for each project before commencing, saving customers time and money.

Customers can choose from free standing and structural wall mounted lifts, as well as a range of lifting mechanisms to suit their requirements.

With competition from overseas markets, Shotton Lifts is proud to offer Australian made and manufactured products – and what better way to get their message across than Infolink .

“It’s all about awareness. Without people being aware that you exist, you’re not even going to get the opportunity to quote on a project,” said Moseley.