SHOPEX '07  provides a wide range of business opportunities. The SHOPEX '08 fair is aimed at helping business owners and directors to launch their new products and to raise their business profile. The fairs also help them in meeting new customers, finding new distributors and agents for their products and maintaining a direct relationship with clients.

The fairs help companies in getting immediate feedback from customers. Some of the services and products that were exhibited in SHOPEX '07 fairs include touch screens or kiosks, supply chain management or logistics, signages, shop fittings, shelving and hanging systems, security systems, POS solutions, packaging, mannequins, loyalty programs and loss prevention solutions.

The fair also showcased products like lighting, inventory or stock control, internet, interior design services, free standing displays, flooring, fit out services, eftpos, e-commerce and display stand showcases. Customers also had a range of products from the SHOPEX '07 fairs including barcode or data capturers, audio visuals, database marketing and computer softwares.

Besides trade fairs, SHOPEX '07 fairs also housed marketing campaigns. Before the fairs, trade guides were sent to different retailers, designers, franchisers and IT buyers. The exhibitions and fairs thus help companies to launch and market their new products.