The Noble Materials flooring collection from Shaw Contract Group takes its inspiration from sacred geometry and ancient alchemy.

The new commercial carpet collection has been designed by studying and interpreting how stone is harnessed from nature, cut into slabs, and integrated meticulously into the foundation of a building. Shaw Contract Group’s designers also studied the charts and diagrams that ancient alchemists plotted to transform base metals into noble metals, such as gold, silver and copper.

Describing the Noble Materials collection as an unexpected pairing of movement and texture, Shaw Contract Group Sales Director Aaron Martin says the base of this collection is quite natural, with opulence occurring through intentional tile seams and the final addition of lustrous polished metal.

Noble Materials delivers luxury and opulence through a combination of 24" x 24" (61cm x 61cm) carpet tile and broadloom formats constructed using Colorpoint tufting technology. Smooth surfaces in natural tones form the base of this collection, which features four 24x24 tile options, two traditional broadlooms, and two upcoming woven broadlooms.

Noble Materials marks Shaw Contract Group’s entry into the woven market, using a velvet weave process to achieve richly textured styles. The nine-colour palette features moments of gleaming metal for added warmth and glamour.

The Noble Materials collection

Carpet Tile Styles:

Slab: A simple design with sleek, shifting stone-like texture, available in 9 colours.

Honed: Large-scale and angled, matching at spontaneous moments, available in 9 colours.

Alchemy: Detailed lustrous metallics added to the honed background, available in 9 colours.

Form: Highlights organic natural gold veining, available in 9 colours.

Broadloom Styles:

Strata: Texture overlays onto itself to create a multi-directional pattern, available in 9 colours.

Fault: Creates an organic stone formation with naturally occurring metallic veining, available in 9 colours.

Monolith: A woven, sleek texture (coming soon).

Base Metal: Metal sheen with an exaggerated loop base (coming soon).

Suitable for all market segments, the Noble Materials collection offers superior durability, style and recyclability. The Shaw Contract Group’s lifetime commercial warranty covers abrasive wear, tuft-bind, edge ravel and delamination.

Constructed with premium Eco Solution Q nylon and EcoWorx backing, all carpet tile styles within Noble Materials are certified Cradle to Cradle Silver, assessed for human health and backed with an environmental guarantee for reclamation.

The collection is GECA certified and achieves a Green Star ‘Level A’ product rating according to the Green Building Council of Australia.

Image: Noble Materials carpet tile - Honed