When architects STHDI+MCR specified ShapeShell for the ground floor colonnade they were able to take advantage of this extraordinary advanced composite.

The highly organic shape of the colonnade, extending around the full perimeter of the hospital, was a perfect match for ShapeShell Freeform as the material is able to take advantage of the natural strength of the complex curved design. A seamless monolithic look was possible thanks to millimetre accurate 3D digital manufacturing techniques that allows for minimal section joins. 

With its infused construction method, ShapeShell Freeform is a single unit with reinforcement and stiffness as part of the base structure – not as an addition or afterthought. The result is a material that provides amazing rigidity and strength despite being very light in weight.

For the VCCC colonnade the architects were able to specify a cementatious finish, giving the structure the look and feel of concrete. Importantly, this occurs during manufacture – not as an additional layer applied after installation.

The VCCC colonnade is another striking example of ShapeShell living up to its promise of bridging creativity and buildability. For more information on the ShapeShell product range visit shapeshell.com.au or email [email protected]