A new whitepaper, sponsored by advanced composites experts ShapeShell, discusses the key considerations and characteristics to take into account when designing with advanced composites.  

Key considerations of designing with advanced composites explores how the availability of advanced composite manufacturing within the A+D industries has changed over time, from the low-quality Fibre Reinforced and Glass Reinforced polymers (FRP and GRP, respectively), to that which is available today. Advanced composites are no longer restricted for use within the aerospace industry, instead challenging the imagination and ambition of designers to understand their structural and façade potential.

The whitepaper addresses the inherent flaws that exist in the manufacturing and composition of FRP and GRP, before expanding on the technological improvements now readily available for architecture and design purposes. Furthermore, the materials used to construct advanced composites have developed significantly upon what was available previously, meaning that advanced composites now surpass many typically utilised materials and structural systems in a variety of contexts.

The whitepaper goes on to discuss how the qualities of advanced composites have been challenging architects’ understanding of structure, material and ultimately form, opening up new possibilities beyond the strict geometries that have existed in architecture since before the pyramids.

The guide is free to download and comes with further information on the questions you should know to ask your advanced composite supplier, to ensure you receive the best quality outcome for your project.

To find out more about designing with advanced composites, click here to download Key considerations of designing with advanced composites.