Shademakers Umbrellas NZ has just introduced a new Tension umbrella, combining German Engineering and the elegant timeless form of a classic market umbrella.

Wind-tested and certified in a German Testlab to withstand winds of at least 100km/h, the Storm10 Tension umbrella by Shademakers combines functionality and design in a stylish way. Hence the name, level 10 on the Beaufort Scale is Storm.

Made of premium aluminium with stainless steel tension handles and fine European fabrics, Shademakers Umbrellas offers the Storm10 with a new flame retardant fabric, which is rated according to high European and US standards.

Another advantage of Storm10 is that the tension handle is integrated in the framework, so no extra, costly erection kits are required. Sizes available at this stage are 3x3m square and 4.0m octagonal. For larger sizes, the Astral T – Giant Patio umbrella by Shademakers is available.

“Looking at products available on the market, we found that the majority of tension-products were very strong, but not really that attractive. We thought, why not have a wind-rated umbrella and some great aesthetics”, says David Jesze, Managing Director of Shademakers Umbrellas.

The Storm10 Tension umbrella by Shademakers is available ex Sydney for delivery/installation before Christmas.