Shademakers Umbrellas  present the Liberty umbrella. These shade umbrellas can be applied both commercially and domestically and feature strong wind resistance, versatile functionality, low maintenance and sophisticated, modern styling.
Specifications of Liberty shade umbrellas from Shademakers include:

  • Octagonal 3.0 m (measured by diameter)
  • Octagonal 3.5 m
  • Octagonal 4.0 m
  • Square 2.5 m (measured across the sides)
  • Square 3.0 m
  • Proprietary Du Pont glass components
  • UV resistant resin components
  • High-grade stainless steel components
  • Nautical grade buttons hold canopy arms
  • Proprietary oval shaped arms
  • Exclusively designed connectors and central hubs
  • Canopy made of European outdoor fabrics
Other features and benefits of Liberty shade umbrellas include:
  • Over 50 colours to choose from
  • Longevity granted by high quality marine grade materials
  • Rust prevention through anodised aluminium construction
  • No paint flaking
  • Rotation-locking mechanism for easy use
  • Easy to raise and lower
  • 360º rotation for any shading position
  • Unobtrusive and space-saving when folded
  • Greater stability in wind and excellent airflow with vented canopy
  • Lightweight design at 30 kg
  • Durable and robust with the ability to remain standing with integrity even during strong gusts
  • Simple assembly and easy to remove the entire canopy structure when not in use
  • 20 micron mast features the shape and strength of a yacht mast
  • Easy fitting to concrete or wood deck with supplied spigot
  • External winder with internally treated, galvanised cables
Liberty shade umbrellas from Shademakers Umbrellas are designed to provide a sturdy, robust and reliable quality commonly found in more heavy duty marine applications making these products clear solutions for domestic or commercial shading.