Did you know that Shade to Order manufactures tension membranes and shade structures from PTFE (or Teflon coated glass) fabric?

This durable and environmentally friendly fabric is used internationally, and becoming popular due to its very impressive life expectancy and fire rating.

Shade to Order  has experienced dealing with this specialised shade structure fabric, and will be happy to provide a quotation for a project where PTFE fabric is required. Shade to Order can design, manufacture and install the whole project, including structural steelwork.

These are high quality materials made from polytetrafluoroethylene glass fibre coated fabric and used for permanent constructions.

The material has very high tensile resistance. It is UV resistant, non-combustible and boasts a reflective capability. Because of the smooth teflon surface, the membrane is washed clean every time it rains and therefore normally does not require additional cleaning.

The translucency can reach 20%, depending on the thickness of the material. PTFE fibreglass membranes have an impressive life span.

PTFE fabrics are the ultimate choice for prolonged endurance, low maintenance, fire rating and tensile strength. With a life expectancy in excess of 30 years, a PTFE membrane, if manufactured properly, will stand the test of time.

Shade to Order uses advanced manufacturing techniques, with modern custom designed and built sealing machines to produce the high of design quality and accuracy Teflon tension membrane structures.

Teflon coated fibreglass fabrics (PTFE) are an impressive, and flexible building product.