HouseLab, an online content management system designed to revolutionise handovers and home management for builders, architects and homeowners, approached Shade Factor to provide expert advice on sun shading solutions as a content partner. HouseLab serves as a secure digital hub for all stakeholders involved in the build to upload and store all relevant information including plans, permits and warranties.

Subsequently, Shade Factor collaborated with Fremantle-based Philip Stekskal Architecture on their concept space design focusing on the 'Missing Middle' in building planning, with reference to low-rise medium density developments in walkable neighbourhoods. The brief was to design a micro-community on a 750-square-metre block arranged around a centralised communal space that would encourage social engagement and interaction between individuals.

Sun shading systems over glass structures and patios

Shade Factor recommended their Climara W20 conservatory awnings for this community space. Climara W20 is a stylish awning featuring the Warema Secudrive guidance system that ensures perfect fabric tension during extension and retraction.

Engineered with a slimline cassette and covering a maximum area of 24 square metres, the Climara W20 is ideal for installation over glazed roofs or patio areas to modulate sun exposure, glare, and heat control. An optional inbuilt weather sensor measures sun, precipitation and wind.