Several shading solutions were customised by Shade Factor for a new skyscraper located in Sydney’s CBD.

Designed by John Wardle Architects and built by Westfield D & C, the multi-storeyed building offering premium office space across 32 floors, featured an irregular elliptical plan and a raked roof plane.

Shade Factor was contracted to provide the shading solutions and control system. The key challenge lay in providing sun-shading for an asymmetric building, which meant standard solutions couldn’t be applied. This project required new engineering to produce a variety of new blind types to meet the client’s brief.

Shade Factor supplied a customised range of asymmetric fabric blinds and venetian blinds along with a LONWorks control system.

Key considerations for Shade Factor when providing the complete sun-shading solution included designing venetian blinds to operate under the glass roof in a reclined orientation; creating a louvre solution to match the venetian blinds, keeping in mind the irregular shape; and designing 3-, 4- and 5-sided retractable textile sun-shading to operate from base up and top down.