An award-winning new luxury home designed by dion seminara architecture features Alpolic/fr panels from SGI Architectural on the beautiful facade.

The new residential home, Carina Heights was designed to serve both current and future generations of the family with the flexible design meeting the residents’ ever-changing needs, and also standing the test of time in terms of functionality and timelessness of style.

The home has also been designed to be environmentally responsible, while enhancing the current streetscape and the suburb.

SGI’s Alpolic/fr aluminium composite panels were specified for the luxury home’s facade in Milk White and Dark Grey Metallic shades. The choice of these facade panels allowed the architects to showcase the home’s beautiful and luxurious style. The material also contrasts well with the large openings on the front elevation exuding stunning contemporary design while maintaining a high sustainability rating. 

Built by Chapman Builders, Carina Heights won the CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) - Most integrated house 2016 award as well as the 2016 ArcHome Design Excellence Awards - New Luxury Residence title.