With a reputation as the strongest bond in DIY adhesives, Selleys Araldite has stood the test of time with the brand now celebrating its 50 year anniversary in Australia.

Originally launched in Switzerland in 1946, Araldite DIY adhesive products have become known throughout the world for their durable bond and multipurpose applications. The products deliver incredible bond strength across multiple surfaces. In fact, a 1982 advertising campaign for the adhesive saw a Cortina stuck to a billboard using Araldite.

Today there are four variants of Araldite allowing anyone, from the novice to the experienced DIYer, to tackle a wide range of repair and fix projects.

The two-part epoxy adhesive is available in various pack formats from large tins for big jobs or the Araldite enthusiast to the smaller and innovative Araldite singles pack format, which provides three measured, single doses for easy application and reliable Araldite strength.

To celebrate the anniversary of this ‘Godfather’ of adhesives, Selleys will be promoting Araldite across its own website.