Portable stages are the perfect solution for events that need a quick adjustable stage, which can later be packed and stored without any hassle.

Buyers have a broad range of choices in the market from Australian-made custom portable stages to overseas mass manufactured options. Select Staging Concepts explains why Australian-customised portable stages are superior to imported products in quality, durability, functionality and longevity.

Assured quality, customisation and longevity of the product

Select Staging Concepts delivers the assurance of top-quality portable stages that are custom-made to order. Materials such as lightweight aluminium along with timber ensure a long lifespan. The stages also come with a ten-year warranty. These advantages are not possible in mass scale production associated with overseas manufacturing where the flexibility to customise the stage based on your requirements is also diminished or will come with a hefty price tag.

You will be supporting a locally owned Australian business

Buying local from an Australian company such as Select Staging Concepts is a great way to support Aussie businesses and keep jobs within the country. Select Staging Concepts continually strives to bring only premium quality portable staging solutions, regardless of the size of the project. Buying from a purely Australian-based crafter will also help the country’s industry and economy. The final product looks great, and is robust and fully customised.

Select Staging Concepts serves every sector that needs staging solutions including entertainment, education, corporate offices, event managers, architects, and more. Specialising in tailored solutions, the company can have the stages completely customised and personalised to your requirements.