The QUATTRO podium deck from Select Staging Concepts is a multifunctional portable stage system that can be used in different ways by simply adding various accessories.

Taking the most popular sized QUATTRO portable stage system and combining it with different sized legs and accessories, Select Staging Concepts explains how people can make the versatile stage podiums really work for them.

One flat level

The most popular stage size for councils, entertainment venues and schools is 8 X 4 metres. This QUATTRO Stage comes with 16 podiums or decks, each measuring 2 X 1 metres. While 8 X 4 metres is an excellent size for most events and presentations, the 16 QUATTRO Stage podiums can be configured as a 10 X 3 metre stage; 6 X 4 metre stage; 16 X 2 metre catwalk; and a 10-metre catwalk with a 3-metre ‘T’ end among others.

QUATTRO Stage decks can also be put to more versatile use as tables for end-of-year school formal dinners, with configurations including individual table settings as well as long presentation tables, all covered by table cloths to create a formal elegant setting. All these combinations can be achieved without changing the leg heights.

Multiple heights

By adding different stage leg heights, available in fixed height or adjustable height options, users can expand their configuration flexibility. For instance, QUATTRO Stage systems can be combined with various accessories to create multiple performance or event stage platforms from tiered choir risers or tiered seating to multi height podiums for display events, theatrical extravaganzas, and choir or orchestral performances.

The QUATTRO Stage system could also be used to seat the audience, or the choir/orchestra can be raised in multi levels so everyone can be seen and heard. Select Staging Concepts offers various accessories including handrails, steps, chair safety rails, fascia and access ramps that can be added to different stage heights for safety and versatility, all combining to deliver a world-class performance space.

QUATTRO portable stage systems represent a performance partner that can be relied upon for all theatrical and orchestral performances; graduation and award presentations; formal dinners; fashion shows; drama classes; group fitness classes; expo event displays; and merchandising display podiums.

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