Select Stage Concepts offers a range of stage systems designed to address specific requirements of portability, versatility, aesthetics and budget.

Select Stage Concepts' Quattro and Pilot stages are portable and compact in design, with their versatility allowing venues to provide performing spaces of different heights with just four adjustable legs.

Performance stage requirements are not always for a flat rectangular area. Depending on their specific application for dance, drama, music or speeches, each stage area needs to be utilised at optimum capacity. 

Quattro and Pilot stage systems are available in a choice of 400mm/600mm and 600mm/1000mm height adjustable legs, which utilise a large plastic foot with screw-thread for fine adjustments and a spring loaded locking pin to offer secure height fixing with holes at every 50mm.  

Quattro and Pilot stage systems can be stored away easily with the decks stacking neatly on a cleverly designed trolley.