Trapdoors from Select Staging Concepts are designed to conceal stage infrastructure from the view of the audience.

For event and theatrical organisers, masking various stage components from view can become a major challenge while making the ropes, cabling and power boards available for use by sound and light equipment, lecterns and stage sets.

Select Staging Concepts has designed and manufactured a simple solution that will not only hide infrastructure from the audience’s view but also make the sub-stage area accessible to the stage crew. The new trapdoors from Select Staging Concepts offer a clever solution for any of their stage system podiums.

HMAS Albatross ordered a bespoke stage system recently with three cleverly concealed trapdoors. The unique carpet design allows each trapdoor to be hidden from casual view while allowing the event staff to conveniently access the sub-frame infrastructure as required.

MAZDA’s new auditorium and showroom in Mulgrave also features trapdoors as an integral design specification. Electronic lecterns may be added to the stage without dangerous and unsightly cabling just by opening one of the bespoke stage floor trapdoors.

Image: HMAS Albatross bespoke stage with trapdoors.