Tempo Rubato, a newly opened venue in Brunswick, Melbourne hosts classical musicians to raise funds for providing music classes to disadvantaged children. A brainchild of Georgina Imberger, this beautiful venue features the QUATTRO from Select Staging Concepts with the stage providing the perfect platform for talented musicians to display their prowess on the grand piano.

"Select Staging Concepts were enthusiastic and professional, a pleasure to work with. They went out of their way to support our crazy venture, offering us advice and service beyond the norm. We love the stage, it has turned out perfectly, and we highly recommend them," said Georgina Imberger, Tempo Rubato.

The installation at the Tempo Rubato led to a request from Jeremy of Australian Music World who sought a strong robust portable stage to display their selection of pianos and grand pianos.

Following the acceptance of a quote for the QUATTRO stage and after referral conversations with Georgina at Tempo Rubato, Jeremy and his team ordered their own multipurpose QUATTRO stage.

Check out the Australian Music World team assembling their new QUATTRO stage in this video.