Select Concepts worked with Ingham State High School in late 2012 to install a portable stage system into their new school hall as part of the Ingham Cyclone Shelter project.

Various Select Concepts portable stage components including a portable stage box, stage curtains and valance were installed, offering the school and the local community a variety of options in the use of the hall with or without these components. 

Ingham State High School also added a variety of safety rails and modular steps to maximise options in the use of the QUATTRO staging systems, allowing the stage to be assembled in a multitude of configurations and create an even safer performance space.

Select Concepts recently received a marvellous email from the school detailing how they created a wonderland for their graduating Class of 2013. 

The portable QUATTRO stage decks with the adjustable leg system were taken from the stage set-up, placed end to end and covered with crisp linen tablecloths to create functional tables for their students.

By reducing the size of the stage, they were able to add to the dining experience of the graduating class without spending extra to hire tables.