Play areas are increasingly being added to event venues to keep children entertained. Select Staging Concepts suggests a similar option for the big kids with event play stages.

Patronage of small bars and function rooms is increasing in Australia for staging intimate performances and events. However, this also means optimum and clever use of available floor spaces at these venues.

Select Staging Concepts’ stage designs perform well in small, odd-shaped areas, helping turn dead spaces into money earners for venue owners with diverse, vibrant entertainment and event stage options.

Music and sports events are successfully promoted on a bespoke curved QUATTRO stage at the newly renovated The Village Belle Hotel’s Public Bar in St Kilda, without losing valuable seating space.

Select Staging Concepts offers simple, economical and attractive stage solutions to address the corporate world’s need for versatile event space.

Develop corporate loyalty for your venue with flexible and stylish event marketing opportunities. Transform the dead spaces in your venue with Select Staging Concepts’ multi-functional stage solutions.