Select Staging Concepts presents the Melba Fold & Roll choir riser system, the latest addition to their range of professional theatre, musical, oratory and educational performance portable stage systems.

An ingenious solution for those requiring a quick, efficient and simple choir riser assembly, the Melba Fold & Roll system has a uniquely Australian design, which eliminates pinch points, heavy lifting and the need for more than one person to operate it.

Featuring four generously proportioned levels of risers 200mm, 400mm, 600mm and 800mm high, the Melba Fold & Roll allows each level to fit up to six performers, accommodating a total of up to 24 per riser system. The main body of risers and framework is constructed in a single complete unit with the safety hand rails being removable.

Safety features in the Melba Fold & Roll portable choir riser system include a removable handrail at the rear of the choir riser and two removable side safety rails as standard additions, which are quickly and easily affixed to the main body in a matter of minutes. The detachable handrails stored on the rear of the system can be easily attached to the body with a sturdy T bolt mechanism.

The Melba Fold & Roll unit is simply wheeled along on its easy glide castor wheels into the desired position, the wheels are locked and the riser decks lowered. The gas-struts make lowering and raising the deck unit a smooth effortless operation while the wheel locks ensure the unit remains securely stationary.

Each riser deck is constructed using sturdy premium 18mm ply panel covered with a hardy anti slip film surface called MAXI Wire. When not in use, the Melba Fold & Roll choir riser system can be simply lifted into the vertical position by one person, the handrails stored on the provided rack and the unit smoothly wheeled away.

The Melba Fold & Roll choir riser system features a compact design that can be utilised in standard building configurations and will fit through a domestic doorway, taking up only 2.4 X 0.8m of floor space when stored.