Select Staging Concepts is assisting their customers purchase the right stage system without the financial burden by advising them on the availability of government or council grants.

Organisations seeking to purchase the right size and type of portable or permanent stage system are often unable to totally finance an asset that is important to the success and safety of an activity or event. These hassles can be overcome by accessing government/council grants that are readily available for all levels of community centres, educational initiatives, sport club improvements and charity centre requirements.

All it requires is a little forethought and planning for organisations to tap into these funding resources and purchase a suitable stage system to suit their needs.

Select Staging Concepts clearly understands the financial constraints faced by many educational, community and commercial organisations when weighing the benefits of purchasing the right size, style and safety level Australian made stage system over cheap imported stages.

Select Staging Concepts lists a selection of government and community grant websites that can be contacted for funding stage systems.

Council & business grants

Australian education department & university funding websites