A post COVID world may be difficult to imagine now with social distancing and forced isolation being the new normal today. However, communities, commercial enterprises and governments Australia-wide are actively recognising how arts and cultural activities can help improve mental health and community spirit during the pandemic recovery period.

The Perth City Council, for instance, has appointed Peter Ciemitis to oversee the ‘Economic Rebound Strategy’, which aims to re-energise communities and reset cultural programming. The Council’s initiative recognises that cultural infrastructure and the arts are at the centre of a successful COVID recovery not only for the City of Perth but also for the state as a whole.

Other State governments are also following suit with similar infrastructure stimulus packages for the arts.

Education HQ reported that a comprehensive study by Monash University revealed the critical role played by music and the arts in promoting social inclusion and intercultural competence in schools. Music and drama courses in Australian schools created a positive synergy that encouraged inclusion for all while also providing a way for refugee students to participate so they may succeed in the school system and subsequently, the wider community.

The past few months have been a revelation for most of us as we rediscovered the joy of human interaction in our isolation. We have also learnt the value of expression and imaginative entertainment to give us relief from the constant bombardment of COVID-19 information. As we slowly come out of our self-imposed isolation, a revitalised arts and culture scene will be an effective tool to bring the community together in the post-COVID world.

So, how does an Australian owned and Made in Australia stage system company work with you to activate the arts in your community?

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