A custom designed and manufactured QUATTRO system was delivered by Select Staging Concepts for the new Mazda Mulgrave showroom and conference facility.

Mazda had some very specific criteria for their new conference facility, and Select Staging Concepts was able to meet those criteria perfectly.

The custom stage design highlights the auditorium’s unique wall configurations. The angled rear wall creates a multi-use backdrop to the customised stage podium’s curved and angled design, providing a functional performance area exactly fitted to the curve of the rear wall.

The 400mm high stage is manufactured with three recessed access hatches allowing access to the floor boxes that house the electronic componentry installed to service the corporate lecterns. An elegant valance curtain system efficiently conceals the sub-stage infrastructure.

Mazda’s design brief sought a stage that blended with the auditorium’s carpet flooring. A matching custom marine grade carpet covers each stage podium and modular stair unit creating a visually elegant meeting, conference and performance area.

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