Bespoke solutions offered by Select Staging Concepts help their customers make choices in stage systems that reflect originality and individuality.

Select Staging Concepts goes beyond conventional offerings in portable stage systems that typically restrict customers to limited colour, style and design options.

Customers at Select Staging Concepts have the freedom and flexibility to make design decisions based on the wide range of stage systems and accessories on offer as well as a rainbow choice of colours in both Timber Stain and Marine Grade Carpet finishes.

For instance, Mitcham Badminton Club chose green Timber Stain for their two tiered PILOT Spectator seating units with rear safety rails. Designed to be moved and stored, these sturdy systems provide a bright and original space solution.

Another customer, Club Macleay colour coordinated the new club décor matching the azure ocean views to the beautiful Marina Heavy Duty Carpet for their QUATTRO Fold & Roll stage system. The refit at the club replaced the old permanent stage with a new 300mm high QUATTRO Fold & Roll stage system, which offered the flexibility to be used as a complete unit or as single smaller stages to cater for individual event requirements anywhere within the club premises.

The Laura Johnson Home recently purchased a PILOT stage system in Red Timber Stain to highlight their beautiful timber floors and surrounds.

St Andrew’s Uniting Church chose their altar podium in bespoke Marina Carpet trimmed with beautiful Natural Timber Fascia to complement their existing décor.

Consult with the Select Staging Concepts Sales Team to add an exciting new dimension to your event stage system choice.