Seeley International announces the launch of an innovative range of high performance inverter axial coolers in the global market.

Another world-first innovation from Seeley International, the new INVERTAIR series air conditioners feature high efficiency inverter axial technology that delivers an array of outstanding benefits not previously available to consumers.

Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM explained that existing air-conditioners when run at low speeds, continue to use almost the same amount of power as units on high speeds. This is because much of the power is consumed in generating heat in the motor, which is then drawn into the airstream, adversely impacting the cooling performance.

According to Mr Seeley, their new inverter axial cooler technology addresses these issues, raising fan power and cooling, and reducing noise and running costs. Developed exclusively by Seeley International’s team of advanced engineers, the INVERTAIR axial technology uses far less energy per kilowatt of cooling than previous axial units.

Mr Seeley added that the breakthrough technology will further strengthen Seeley International’s global leadership reputation in offering the most tried, trusted and innovative air conditioning and heating choices available in the market.

Seeley International plans to showcase the next-generation Braemar evaporative cooling range to its national dealer network and invited guests in Melbourne on October 8th.