Seeley International has added two new Supercool models to its award-winning ranges of Breezair and Braemar evaporative air conditioners, delivering greater performance and cooling capacity than the standard ranges.

Seeley International founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM explains that the new Braemar Supercool has been engineered to deliver up to 25 per cent more cooling capacity than the standard Braemar range. The Braemar Supercool is available with the recently released MagIQtouch Controller, enabling users to enjoy advanced touch screen technology for programming new settings.

The two new evaporative air conditioners have been released just in time for the Australian summer, with hot weather being experienced across most parts of the country. With predictions of a long and hot summer still ahead, savvy homeowners are already taking active steps now to ensure they beat the heat effectively and live in comfort throughout the hot summer months.

Unlike many air conditioners on the market today, the Braemar Supercool works best with the windows and doors open in the home, enabling families to enjoy the best of indoor and outdoor living. Key benefits of the Braemar Supercool also include whisper-quiet operation, superb cooling, long lifespan, high energy efficiency using only a fraction of the energy needed by ducted refrigerated systems, and WaterManager feature guaranteed to eliminate any water wastage.

Announcing the introduction of Breezair’s Supercool range as an exclusive offering through its Climate Masters of Seeley International dealer network, Mr Seeley said the new air conditioner delivers up to an amazing 20 per cent more cooling when compared with the Breezair Icon range.

Mr Seeley explains that Breezair is the only evaporative air conditioner with InvertaCool technology, providing significant savings on operating costs year on year. The MagIQtouch Controller is standard on all Breezair Supercool systems with the revolutionary touch screen technology offering simple operation and an aesthetic appearance to perfectly blend with the décor of modern Australian homes.

Breezair Supercool is only available through the network of Climate Masters of Seeley International specialists.

Both the Braemar Supercool and Breezair Supercool units are backed by a seven-year comprehensive warranty.