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    STOP INTRUDERS with Thorny Devil™ fence capping A small investment in your own PRIVACYand SECURITY while ensuring the proper degree of CONTROL over who or what enters your back yard has instant benefits for everyday living. It helps create much needed “Peace of Mind”. Thorny Devils DETER VANDALS and thwart BREAK & ENTER crime. They can MODIFY ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR and DETER POSSUMS & STRAY CATS, REDUCE BIRD DAMAGE and help keep families safe. Sections are made from long lasting UV resistant PVC material which can easily be painted to match any fence color (or left natural). The thorns are designed to minimize harm and maximize intruder discomfort. The product is adaptable, inexpensive and can be fitted with little effort (around 1-3 minutes per metre). The capping blends with it’s surroundings, yet is easily seen up close. It’s prickly feel deters instantly. Opportunistic intruders are warned away by sight, sign and touch, well before attempting to climb. There are Thorny Devils to suit many fences and gates (i.e. paling, brick, steel and chain mesh) as well as many unique applications i.e. power pylons.


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