One of the most important features of a home in terms of security and visual appeal, a gate is often selected at the last minute. As the first point of contact with the property for both welcome and unwelcome visitors, the gate must be selected carefully, not only for its aesthetic appearance but also for the security aspect.

A gate can say a lot about a property – it is not only a comment on the property owner’s design sensibilities but also how serious they are about security. A wrong style, for instance, can detract from the house’s appearance, negatively impact its street appeal and perhaps even diminish its value.

There are many different types and styles of gates available on the market. Property and home owners would do well to spend quality time on carefully considering all aspects before selecting one that complements the property and meets their security objectives.

Choice of material

Gates come in all kinds of materials from wood, aluminium, brass, metal, steel and wrought iron to wood, Colorbond steel and bamboo. The choice of material is an important factor because it not only impacts the appearance of the gate, but will also influence the longevity of the investment. Metal is a very durable material, and a gate made from corrosion-resistant aluminium for example, will last a lifetime. Timber, on the other hand, may need ongoing maintenance to ensure it maintains its looks and integrity.

Ongoing maintenance

Based on the material used, some gate types will last longer than others while some will require more upkeep. When choosing a gate, one should consider how much maintenance they are willing to do.

Fit for purpose

The choice of gate must meet the property owner’s objectives. For instance, if the gate has a security purpose, it would be unwise to choose an aluminium gate as aluminium can be bent. A gate located in close proximity to the ocean will require added protection from corrosion.

Style of gate

Gates come in a variety of designs, and can be selected based on one’s personal preferences as well as the location. Gates are available for awkward openings and limited access spaces, and can also be supplied in manual or automated models, and swing gate or sliding gate designs.

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