Securalux  specialises in providing aluminium double gazed windows, aluminium double glazed doors and aluminium security louver shutters. Securalux offers contemporary and European styled double glazed doors which offer security and privacy.

Securalux was founded a decade ago and specialises in providing premium European designed windows, doors and shutters. Securalux products are made from raw aluminium in Italy which is then exported to Australia to be joined together using premium Australian products and workmanship.

Securalux double glazed windows and doors are an easier way to increase the value of homes and helps in reducing expensive heating and cooling bills. Securalux double glazed windows and doors are made to measure and can be fitted both the inside and the outside of an opening. The double glazed systems also helps in reducing noise absorption.

Securalux provides an Australian touch through its optional colonial bars which are set inside the glass. Double glazed systems include various security features such as internalised handle mechanisms, anti-tamper internalised hinge mechanism and internal corner joints. Securalux offers an extensive range of glazing systems ranging from toughened glass to bullet-proof glass.