The CBR4SC bike rack from SecureAbike , a division of Leda-Vannaclip, is widely used in Australia.

The CBR4SC bike rack is popular with cyclists for the protection and security it offers. It is also the choice of architects and builders due to its unique space saving features.

With wheel supports that stagger the height of the front wheel can be parked at 300mm centres rather than the customary 600mm with other bike rack. This halves the amount of valuable space needing to be allocated.

With bicycle use growing each year, allocating space for bicycle parking on existing sites is becoming a real issue for property managers.

The CBR4SC bike rack is available in powder coated steel. It is supplied in knock down DIY kit form for ease of transport and can be easily assembled in minutes. Fully galvanised and stainless steel bike rack models are now available from SecureABike.