Sebel , school furniture specialists, have launched a new 100% recycled school chair called the Postura. Coinciding with the Federal Government’s Building the Education Revolution stimulus package, Sebel are now buying back old Sebel school chairs, re-grinding them and creating totally new school chairs.

Sebel have their own manufacturing systems to recycle and create new chairs in their Sydney and UK factories. Sebel’s one piece school chairs are manufactured in Australia and exported to more than 60 countries, including China. Some schools around Australia, particularly in Victoria, have been buying a Chinese mimic of the Sebel chair with a flat seat that cuts off leg circulation and provides no lumbar airflow for children.

The new Sebel Postura recycled school chair has been designed and tested to pass high Australian Standards. The school chairs are strong, durable and offer comfort for students of all ages. Under Sebel's new buy back system, schools can now renew their class rooms with bright new chairs, while knowing that their discards are not adding to landfill but being re-born.

Sebel have a private in-house NATA-certified test laboratory for chairs and maintains strict safety and design standards on all their products.